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A tale of love and loss.

Sadly, our excellent guestbook was lost in a Great Server Meltdown not once, but twice as ex-web hosts went belly-up. All we have left is part of the original text file version of the guestbook, before the first Great Loss.

Posts from the old guestbook that got eaten by a bad web host and rescued up to May 2003 by the great Doktor Mabuse:

Left by: DIESEL | loungepunk77@yahoo.com
May 24, 2003::
oNE OTHER THING.... I WORK OVER IN THE COMMONS NOW!!! @ SOUNDS FINE...u should come in an bug me sometime im always there..An when yer album finally comes out u can sell it there an i'll force all the customers to buy it, weither they like it or not im outta here

Left by: DIESEL | loungepunk77@yahoo.com
May 24, 2003::
hey, ladies Diesel once agian thought i'd say heylo! an let ya kno I'm in my in nice new pad all settled..... . U gals should come on over some time I get no vistors or telefone call either...whichs sucks..i mean whats thw point of havein a telefone any way...geezs im not important i guess blah blah blah any wAYS GOTTA GO TALK TO YA LOVELY LADIES SOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LATERS DIESEL

Left by: Graham | grahamslater528@hotmail.com
May 23, 2003::
Meryl, what's up? It's your long lost cousin Graham. I heard you were a rockstar now. Awesome. What I want to know is, do you have an agent yet? Give me an email sometime if you can work it into your busy schedule. Later.

Left by: ben | unohuiam@thatyahooplace.com
May 23, 2003::
nice new pic on the homepage ladies. that's some hot shit. i'll see ya in june

Left by: sid | May 23, 2003::
meryl, this is your aunt sid. you gals sure must be having fun. you bad thing... let's hope your grandma never learns about computers!!

Left by: Brandon | barondickhorn@yahoo.com
May 18, 2003::
Rock w/violins-Daddy Longhead-"Cheatos"-Jeff Pinkus from the Butthole Surfers.The other album they put out I heard kinda blows.-I dunno,i thought you might be interested.I get my permit tommorrow,so i get to finally go to some of yer shows.WEEEEEEE!!!!

Left by: Satan | satan@hell.org
May 15, 2003::
finally the sillouette revealed... and all in black...my favorite color...foxy! love...Satan I miss the spinning tho...

Left by: Bill Payne | gmeshow@aol.com
May 9, 2003::
Witchies! Check yer email. I sent ya pics! The show at Castaways really ROCKED! Take it from an ol' punk from de ol' days, you gals are tops! Looking forward to June Castaways show. -Bill (aka Dr. Siggy)

Left by: Squeaky | girlushfigure@hotmail.com
May 8, 2003::
Thank You for everything Meryl, i'll see you in a couple months. Dont forget about our party May 30th at the new place in Baltimore..i wanna see yr ass there!

Left by: tankini xtina | tankinixtina@hotmail.com
May 5, 2003::
oh yeah! saturday night was like totally tubular and then some! thanks for having us play. you rocked so hard...love, x

Left by: Anthony | Cronos319@hotmail.com
May 5, 2003::
Well.. I didn't expect to catch your show, Saturday... but I did. And it was good. Very good. All the bands (well, the two I made it there for, Witching and Girlush Figure) played extremely well and put on a great show. Good work, ladies =D

Left by: This is not Pam | PPL5@cornell.edu
May 5, 2003::
Hot Damn!

Left by: DIESEL | loungepunk77@yahoo.com
April 29, 2003::
hey gals, It's been awhile since i threw a post on here.I thought i'd drop u gals a line say HI!! I forgotten u gals are playin @ castaways on saturday i'm gonna try an make it not sure yet??? But i am gonna be up tomorrow to see OZMA @ the haunt an next week as well to see the REVEREND HORTON HEAT....so many shows so little $$$$$$$$$$$$. I'll talk to u ya gals later DIESEL

Left by: Aaron | April 29, 2003::
ya know, i would have loved to have you play my bar mitzvah. i can almost see the fear in poor Betty Kanawitz's eye.... good lookin website, i especaly like the quote section. cant wait to se you on saturday!

Left by: eric | eric@agonyhill.com
April 27, 2003::
hi yas, i met meryl in rochester a couple weeks back....(anitgone rising show)....anyway, wanted to say hi and that i am looking forward to hearing the new stuff. we also just finished up @ pyramid. we'd love to hook up sometime.

Left by: Jason | jmd52@georgetown.edu
April 18, 2003::
Hey Maco, Remember, someone in DC loves you. Besos...

Left by: Ruby | April 10, 2003::
Thanks for the hot review, Satan! Don't ever stop coming to the shows. The Witching loves you!

Left by: Satan | satan@hell.org
April 7, 2003::
for those that missed out on the insanity of the witching's 4-5-03 Eerie, Pa. show, here's what you missed: mofo drunk cock leather evil cowboy running shit rain sex appetite rodent drown wrecking E: ROCK for a breif review of the BK2 scroll down for witching, but check out the rest of the shizow...here--->
highlights of the evening include: *meryl takes the rock star leap, selling her soul for rock & roll and landing in Satan's arms... *new songs!!! *ruby's new blue fiddle sounded ferocious... *the first witching bootleg??? *barb rocks equally hard on stage as she does on the dance floor... *Eva's green t-shirt was playing tricks on the eyes of the mushroom tea drinkers in the crowd... the witching should name their tour "babe magnets" for I have never seen so many at fwd hall... *Maco's sonic assault of feedback was too hot!!! even for me, Satan...

April 7, 2003::
LOVE YOUR SITE http://www.1heluva.com/cgi-bin/join.cgi?refer=14628

Left by: nothing | nothing@nothing.net
April 6, 2003::
sometimes saying the least is saying the most

Left by: DIESEL | SPASMOSKER77@yahoo.com
April 3, 2003::
hey, Meryl I just walked in an heared ya called i just gotten back from Ithaca. Should mailed ya but it was spur of the moment thing...an im possibly gettin a job up there...not sure yet time will tell. So im not sure if your still around but if u wanna call me back???? im here LATER DIESEL

Left by: richard devine aka FREAK | devinewolf@bolt.com
April 2, 2003::
hey ruby, miss talking to you at the haunt. it is my fault. sorry i been working. i hope to see all you playing soon. and can't wait to get your songs on my computer. to listen over and over.

Left by: DIESEL | SPASMOSKER77@yahoo.com
March 28, 2003::
Hey, meryl I'd thought i ask ya since im not sure when u check up on your mail? But i was wonderin if it would be a problem if i hitch a ride with ya gals im sure i've asked already....just making sure is all you can call me if ya like!!! and i thought this might be easier than checkin yar mail..It would very rad if i could?!?!?!?!? well LATER DIESEL

Left by: Satan | satan@hell.org
March 28, 2003::
Did you leave a booty call message with my answering service??? those bastards...they're fired... Otherwise just call my direct line(it requires the sacrifice of a virgin, tho......or sign this contract right here on the dotted line(just like Led Zeppelin)... looking forward to seeing your booty soon...love & kisses Satan

Left by: Mama Nature | pagangoddess@evolve.com
March 28, 2003::
Satan, you are starting to repeat yourself in your old age. And how come you never come over for booty call anymore?

Left by: Satan | satan@hell.org
March 27, 2003::
Attention all fans of the Witching!!! tune up your cars & get ready to make your first major witching roadtrip of the year... the lovely ladies of the witching will travel all the way to Eerie, Pa (origins of DC comics' ass-kickin' super-heroin, and voice of the witching, Ruby Beil)...they grace the stage of Forward Hall on april 5th...They will participate in a truly unique weekend-long celebration of rock, art, dance, film, poetry, theater, performance art and much much more...a truly diverse & unique 2 day orgy of culture... Its called the Bleu Kat's 2 and it's a diabolically cool event... Its thrown by a group of Pennsylvania freaks called the Underground Artists Association (UAA), check out their website at ...... www.artgodz.com/uaa.html
........ there you can get all the info on the show & find out how to submit YOUR art digitally & contribute your vision to the show wherever in the world (or in hell) you might be... to view an interview and get way more info on the "Stew" go to: http://playerie.com/art_news/garrett.html
cant wait to see, hear & feel the new CD, ladies!!! Love... ((((((((((((((Satan)))))))))))))))

Left by: ril_bad | ril_bad@grounded.com
March 27, 2003::
hahahahaha! skew - it was great to see at the show - are you coming to the rock-chester gig on the 3rd....i'm totally going to be there.....teeheehee

Left by: skimster666 | skim666@yahoo.com
March 26, 2003::
o yes and....WAY TO ROCK THE HAUNT LAST THURSDAY!!!! o i LOVE the dildo song....i could feel the love...pulsating...in my genitals....

Left by: skim | idolsofperversity@yahoo.com
March 26, 2003::

Left by: Satan | satan@hell.org
March 26, 2003::
Attention all fans of the Witching!!! tune up your cars & get ready to make your first major witching roadtrip of the year... the lovely ladies of the witching will travel all the way to Eerie, Pa (origins of DC comics' ass-kickin' super-heroin, and voice of the witching, Ruby Beil)...they grace the stage of Forward Hall on april 5th...They will participate in a truly unique weekend-long celebration of rock, art, dance, film, poetry, theater, performance art and much much more...a truly diverse & unique 2 day orgy of culture... Its called the Bleu Kat's 2 and it's a diabolically cool event... Its thrown by a group of Pennsylvania freaks called the Underground Artists Association (UAA), check out their website at ...... www.artgodz.com/uaa.html
........ there you can get all the info on the show & find out how to submit YOUR art digitally & contribute your vision to the show wherever in the world (or in hell) you might be... to view an interview and get way more info on the "Stew" go to: http://playerie.com/art_news/garrett.html
cant wait to see, hear & feel the new CD, ladies!!! Love... ((((((((((((((Satan)))))))))))))))

Left by: ruby | ruby@hopethisworksthistime.com
March 26, 2003::
Hey mom, glad to know you're still proud of this wild child. And Jurden, hope you can make it the ROckchester show, you're on the guest list. Thanks for taking all the fresh footage.

Left by: barb | dontsendmespam@thewitching.com
March 26, 2003::
i wanted to give a shout out to Jurden for videotaping our 3.20 show at the Haunt and airing it on channel 13! thanks!! just when you thought there wasn't anything good on tv... ;-P

Left by: Gwynneth Beil | gbeil@hotmail.com
March 25, 2003::
I am a proud parent eager to see you all again in Erie soon! Rock On!!!!!

Left by: Jurden Alexander | March 23, 2003::
Jurden Alexander Homemade Jam Channel 13 The Witching Monday April 7, 9pm ;Friday April 11,@ 6:30 and Monday April 14, @ 9pm. Holla back 607.339.1436

Left by: DIESEL | loungepunk77@yahoo.com
March 23, 2003::
hey gals mail me when ya need of if u need me for rochester or any other. I wouldnt mind hangin out with ya lovely ladies DIESEL

Left by: meryl | grrrrrrrr March 13, 2003::
thnx satan! -we are doing very well in the studio....so much rock (even in 1 take!!) and an endless supply of sillyness from too much time together in between!!! (is such a thing possible?!!!) we will have a *BIG* list to add to the quotes section from the recording session....anyway, hope to see you at some future shows! take care! <3

Left by: Satan | satan@hell.org
March 12, 2003::
it wasnt working earlier, seems OK, now... best of luck in the studio... satan

Left by: tessssst | here@everywhere.com
March 4, 2003::
what up wit da guestbook?!? hey y'all, diesel reported not being able to post to the guestbook, but it is working fine for me now... dunno what was up before, some rift in the space-time continuum or some shite! looks good now... post away... word... -the one who hits things too hard and cracks them

Left by: Maco | maco@hell.org
February 27, 2003::
Hey Ben...it was GREAT to see you on the 15th...hope your ears are doing better by now... Much luv... Maco

Left by: ben | joe_progress@yahoo.com
February 16, 2003::
thanks for the rock last night ladies. my ears are still ringing.

Left by: DIESEL | loungepunk77@yahoo.com
February 12, 2003::
I'll be there!!!!!!

Left by: meryl | meryl@thewitching.com
February 11, 2003::
sorry you can't make it diesel! come to the next ithaca show on march 20th w/ johnny dowd.....

Left by: DIESEL | loungepunk77@yahoo.com
February 11, 2003::
Hey, gals Sorry i wont be able to make it to the anti-v day show in rochester. Unfor seen circumstances has put out for a bit. My car broke is being a bitch and doesnt want to work, and i have to work so sorry agian. But please keep me posted. I'll be in touch later Diesel

Left by: Maco | youknowitbynow@youknowit.com
February 8, 2003::
Yeah!!! Barb rules...she put up some more new quotes on our "quotes" page!!! Thanx Barb!

Left by: g~spot | g_spot_43@yahoo.com
February 7, 2003::
Happy Birthday Ruby! now that your old enough to vote, make sure you exercise your civic responsibility!!! G...

Left by: BobWlf | wolfe23@SoftHome.net
February 4, 2003::
I told Maco about this tonight in GreenStar. When I had read it, I had thought of her. Here is the URL: http://www.mrlady.com/the-haggard/dmx.htm
They mention something about contacting them for setting up shows (hint,hint). BTW, Ya'll opening for Sleater-Kinney is a definite dream show. Like that will ever happen in this town (PuLEEEEAASE, prove me wrong).

Left by: Satan | satan@hell.org
February 4, 2003::

Left by: pirate grrrl | February 4, 2003::
i love the witching i want you to play everyday.

Left by: Diesel | loungepunk77@yahoo.com
February 4, 2003::
Really...... thanxs I think you gals are awsome as well a diffintely bad ass rockers

Left by: Maco | maco@nowhere.com
February 4, 2003::
DIESEL...you're AWESOME!!!

Left by: Maco | maco@macoworld.com
February 4, 2003::
Satan...I would LOVE to have all the band members wearing horns if we were to play in your hot hot pad! The sole idea of it makes me so HORNY!!!

Left by: Satan | satan@hell.org
February 3, 2003::
Ok, ok...so I forgot their last song in my set list...leave it to Jesus to correct me...stupid SUV drivin' savior... love, Satan... ps... to Ruby... my minions and I were just checking out the photos from the witchings halloween show...you look damn good in horns... would the witching ever consider playing in Hell??? if so, could the whole band wear horns???

Left by: Ruby Beil | ruby@tiredmonday.edu
February 3, 2003::
I always had a hunch Jesus drove an SUV. Thanks for coming to the show, Satan. It was good to have you there.

Left by: Diesel | loungepunk77@yahoo.com
February 3, 2003::
in regaurds to the e-mail you sent met which is very kick ass i must say . No i wouldnt get payed or expect for you to pay I would do it for the experience. To help out a kick ass band as yoursleves hell yes i would do it.

Left by: Jesus H. Christ | jhc1@heaven.net
February 2, 2003::
uhm... satan... you forgot that the lovely ladies of the witching ended their set with Wrecking Ball...they were then blessed with a standing ovation prior to a well deserved encore...I would have been in the crowd, but someone told the Ithaca police I parked my SUV illegally, so they escorted me out of the bar...did you have anything to do with that, satan??? you old rascal... love, Jesus...

Left by: Satan | satan@hell.org
February 2, 2003::
just in case you couldnt make the witching show @ the Haunt, heres what you missed: -Bad m.f. -soundman -cock -shit -rain -running -gator -rodent -drunk -anthem -sex -drown E: now or never shame on you if you missed the show...(I know who you are) Rock with me! love, satan... ps... has barb been taking drumming steroids??? cuz she totally kicked my ass @ the Haunt...super tight fills, powerful and yet subtle accents...great work on the ride, too... dont think I didnt notice, barb... I did & you ROCKED!!!

Left by: DIESEL | loungepunk77@yahoo.com
January 31, 2003::
You ROCK!!!!!! kick ass show wasn't disapointed at all!! Still think you should of been the headliners though but thiers time for that later. You keep making kick ass raw energy rock like last night all I'll be at every single show without fail.

Left by: BobWlf | wolfe23@SoftHome.net
January 31, 2003::
Yes, once again, sore muscles today. After too long, last night I was once again reminded: YA'LL KICK ASS & TAKE NAMES. Only thing is, how about less shows w/ AntigoneRising (yes, I am lame and just don't get them) and more shows w/ I don't know, maybe Johnny Dowd. Better yet, only The Witching. ALL ROCK&ROLL, ALL NIGHT LONG. Yes!

Left by: Jim Beil | jbeil@uiuc.edu
January 24, 2003::
Very impressed with the web site. I'm much looking forward to the studio recordings. Also, the live mp3s you have online are great. Too bad you won't be playing in Champaign Urbana anytime soon. This town needs to livin up.

Left by: Ruby | January 24, 2003::
I have to agree, Meryl was looking incredibly buff and playing the shit out of that bass at that D-War show. Just you wait til the 30th... you're in for a tasty rock explosion.

Left by: Osker(DIESEL)POSER | LOUNGEPUNK77@yahoo.com
January 20, 2003::
I haven't seen you play yet. I did see Meryl play with DRUNKIN WAR when they open for MURPHYS LAW last week.She "ROCKED"!!!!!!I'm very intrested with the WITCHING!!! I'll be there for your show on the 30th

Left by: skew | idolsofperversity@yahoo.com
January 15, 2003::
hey ho's!!! Happy Fuckin' New Year!!! you gotta play a show soon or i'm going to die of motherfucking withdrawal pains!! (they feel like cramps) (no not really) (ok maybe)

Left by: Maru Semidey | maru00@yahoo.com
January 14, 2003::
HELLO MOCO!!!!! Im so glad to hear from you!!! Congratulations! this is definitely how I saw you years before! TQM

Left by: g~spot | g_spot_43@yahoo.com
January 13, 2003::
in my cd player today... 1. screaming headless torsos 2. clutch (elephant riders) 3. professor small (tandem tricycle) 4. Blip (live at the rongo) 5. sonic youth (daydream nation) Bleu Cat's 2, no, thats not it... Blew Cats too? mercy no, not that... sorry... Blue Cat Stew info coming soon!!! stay tuned... thats more like it...

Left by: maco * the welding witch | welding@thewitching.com
January 6, 2003::
Well..it's not sunny here like it was in the Sunshine State...but I'm glad to be back and sledgehammer some metal-melting rock n' roll...Hope to see ya on thurs 30th of BRAND NEW JAN 2003!!!

Left by: Ruby | ready_to_rock@2003.com
January 4, 2003::
Happy New Year, Mother Fuckers!

Left by: satan | satan@hell.org
December 18, 2002::
cant wait to see, hear and feel the new witching CD... then im going to take a little break from evilness so I can follow the Witching around the country on their subsequent north american tour... rock with me... btw... shouldnt fans of the witching be called wiccans?

Left by: Justyn | endivelikeschicks@yahoo.com
December 17, 2002::
Hey gals. Justyn from Bent Peg and Endive here. It was fun rocking with you guys at muse fest this year. And the hot tub was fun too (me, maco, anthony from Mr. D). You gals keep playin rock n roll, k? Cause it's hip. Rock on gals. -Justyn www.endivesucks.com

Left by: The Spreader | oogabooga@yahoo.com
December 17, 2002::
Witching withdrawl, I hear ya. I heard a rumor the Witching will be back at the end of January with Antgone Rising... Keep you eyes and ears open for that show!

Left by: pissmonkey | skim666@yahoo.com
December 17, 2002::
i slow. i live with a bad-ass witching member and i just realized your guestbook is up and working. what's wrong with me??!?! it's witching withdrawal, goddammit! can't wait to see y'all again! rock, sue

Left by: Spaminator | PPL5@cornell.edu
December 16, 2002::
Dybwad is my hero! Dybwad! Dybwad! Dybwad! Geez, I hope I spelled that right. Otherwise I'll look like even more of a horse's ass! Have a good break dude, your website is the SHIT!

Left by: g~spot | g_spot_43@yahoo.com
December 13, 2002::
in the CD playa today: friday the 13th of december 2002... 1.fatboy slim (live on brighton beach) 2.yoLk (social prescriptions may have side effects) 3.foo fighters (the colour & the shape) 4.portishead(live in NYC) 5.iron maiden (piece of mind)

Left by: Stacy | tat2dgrl@earthlink.net
December 12, 2002::
Barb has thick skin!!

Left by: Squeaky | squeakyinhell@yahoo.com
December 11, 2002::
Meryl yr amazing, i miss ya!

Left by: g~spot | gskindell@eriesd.iu5.edu
December 11, 2002::
cant... stop... spinning... the witching...

Left by: maco | dontwanttogivemyemailaddress@nowhere.com
December 9, 2002::
AGHHH!!! I hate writing papers!

Left by: g~spot | g_spot_43@yahoo.com
December 6, 2002::
in my CD player today: 12-6-02... 1.helmet (betty)... 2.beastie boys (check your head)... 3.music from the soundtrack for the movie, "velvet goldmine"... 4.herbie hancock live(bootleg->
06.28.75)...5. cibo matto (viva la woman) I cant listen to some of my collection for a little while...cuz some songs have new meanings now and they sting a little... but its all good rock with satan, G

Left by: Ale | asemideyr@hotmail.com
December 5, 2002::
Moquito: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! From Venezuela, a friend who never will forget you!

Left by: barb | unnecessarilylongemailaddress@thewitching.com
December 3, 2002::
good question, g_spot... i love getting new music recommendations... my current playlist: system of a down - toxicity the who - who's next yusef lateef - eastern sounds stereolab - emperor tomato ketchup candiria - the coma imprint

Left by: Terry | SunkenInForehead@aol.com
December 2, 2002::
I have problems with my prostate, I know you girls will help, You friend, Carl

Left by: christine | yesterdaysgirl@velocity.net
November 27, 2002::
Great site- The Witching Rocks!Looking forward to seeing you at the 'Ol Beer Mug Ruby

Left by: one of the bitchin' | why?!?! you want some?!!! November 26, 2002::
i don't have one of them fancy-ass-mo-fucking cd thangs, just one of them there com-puters with too many m-p-3-sssss....been listening to a bunch of the stooges (so much cooler the this 'new garage' crap), the who (well, duh!!), saraha hotnights (if you aren't freakin' on their rock, then you suck), sleater-kinney ('cause they really rock now!!!) and mc5 (....as always)

Left by: g~spot | g_spot_43@yahoo.com
November 26, 2002::
time to play "whats in my 5 disc changer" today-->
11-26-02: 1.Dog Fashion Disco, 2.Schleigho (Farewell to the Sun), 3. Sonic Youth (goo), 4. the Hosemobile (six foot hater), 5. Tori Amos (boys for Pele) your turn...

Left by: Saps | charlielha@hotmail.com
November 23, 2002::
Yeah....Maco is the best guitar player in the world...because I taught her how to play, hehehehehe........you see...I am the love of her life...Her brother....Hey Maco, I am signing your guestbook as promised...your guitar looks really cool, you should bring it down here sometime so I can play it. Well my love, gotta go now. Hope to see you soon. Say hello to Way and to your bandmates. Good luck to The Witching. Bye

Left by: g~spot | g_spot_43@yahoo.com
November 22, 2002::
time for a game... Its called "whats in my CD player today"...It goes like this: (I have a 5 disc changer, so I will post whats in it right now...) get it??? 1.Queens of the Stone Age-(R) 2.Soulive-(next) 3.Lake Trout- (another one lost) 4.Faith No More- (angel dust) 5. Ishkabibble- (hair do's & dont's) now its your turn...

Left by: M.@.D
. from the "OTHERS" | bloodsuckingfreaks@hotmail.com
November 22, 2002::
Oi! This is Mark from the "OTHERS" I heard from Ilsa (science center) that you gals took a likin' to us. We're not doin any shows til next year but til then check out www.geocities.com/others6662000
Drop a line or sign da book and maybe we can hook somthin up.If you like I'll put up a link fer ya... Until we meet again M.A.D. Let the Blood Flow www.mp3.com/others666

Left by: Jeff | blackrosediary@yahoo.com
November 22, 2002::
I want The Witching and Black Rose Diary to have an illegitimate child. Imagine the sheer rock and roll power that would radiate from such an entity. It would be of MIND BOGGLING proportions. Keep rockin ladies! Hopefully we can rock together again someday. Jeff shameless plug: www.blackrosediary.cjb.net

Left by: Vero | veritox87@hotmail.com
November 21, 2002::

Left by: Ruby | November 20, 2002::
Thanks all for your fabulous feedback. Looking at this guestbook made my day today. And thanks again to all those who contributed pictures to the site, and to Barb, Web-Mistress Superior. Rock on and on and on and on....

Left by: Bill Payne | gmeshow@aol.com
November 20, 2002::
Great looking site! Sorry I missed your last couple shows. Can't wait to see you again! Thanks for using my photos from Musefest. I look forward to your upcoming recording. YOU ROCK!

Left by: satan | satan@hell.org
November 19, 2002::
to hear some of ruby's earlier stuff from Nostromos, got to: http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/372/nostromos.html
ROCK with me!

Left by: Dan | dan@mrdownstairs.com
November 19, 2002::
You guys kick ass. The Chapterhouse show on the 9th was terrific. The website looks very pro, which matches the band. Good job, and I'm looking forward to hearing the album. Here's to a peaceful recording process! heh Dan Mr.Downstairs

Left by: Tracy Carver | tracyleecarver@yahoo.com
November 19, 2002::
The Witching rules!!!! Ruby - We love ya!!!!!........Tracy

Left by: g~spot | g_spot_43@yahoo.com
November 19, 2002::
I'll post a setlist from the chapterhouse show soon... for all of you lovely witch-heads out there...that reminds me...what exactly should fans of the witching be called???? witchheads??? what do you think???

Left by: g~spot | g_spot_43@yahoo.com
November 19, 2002::
whoopsie... still getting used to things here... good luck

Left by: g~spot | g_spot_43@yahoo.com
November 19, 2002::
sweet site... thewitching ROCKS!!! is the witching going to tour in support of their CD...if so, come to Eerie, Pa... they love the witching there... *great photos section* Satan would be proud ;^D all the best...

Left by: g~spot | g_spot_43@yahoo.com
November 19, 2002::
sweet site... thewitching ROCKS!!! is the witching going to tour in support of their CD...if so, come to Eerie, Pa... they love the witching there... *great photos section* Satan would be proud ;^D all the best...

Left by: Peter | pr20@cornell.edu
November 19, 2002::
Oops, Barb congrats to the web site. You are a real pro! Pictures turned out to be really nice. I promise there will be more of you next time. -Peter PS. Last time I forgot my earplugs at home. I am still recovering.... PPS. Eardamage or not, I love your music!

Left by: Peter | November 19, 2002::

Left by: muSTAFah | phillipsdouglas@yahoo.com
November 19, 2002::
even satan can't rock like the witching!

Left by: Marco | terrazas_m@hotmail.com
November 19, 2002::
I believe you guys are the best band in Ithaca/Cortland. I try to go to your concerts all the time because you are simply fantastic. Also because you are my friends and we had so many cool moments together, I am looking forward to you recording, I will the first in line to buy the CD. Keep up the spirit, Rock and Roll forever!!! PD: He Maco, que no se te olvide el Espaol! LOL

Left by: Rocio | rociorodrigueza@yahoo.com
November 19, 2002::
!Good for you girls! Now in spanish. Me gusta mucho la pagina web y las fotos estan super... Las felicito y cuando sean muy pero muy famosas no olviden a los amigos.Suerte

Left by: Jamie | jlb224@cornell.edu
November 19, 2002::
Sweet website, ladies. Good luck in the studio this winter. Keep it up!

Left by: forgotten guitarist | ps56@cornell.edu
November 19, 2002::
you jack me like a rockhammer.

Left by: greg | herb@herbcentral.net
November 13, 2002::
i must say you ladies have quite the 'vibe'. i was highly impressed by your musical talents at your last gig. please keep me in the 'in' on your further developments as a band....yuyuyuyuyuyu

Left by: rodents | waddlebody@skunkbox.com
November 12, 2002::
we're not giving your dildo back.
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March 26, 2005:: @ The Chapter House, Ithaca, NY with Kievan-Rus & Lotion. (showtime 9pm, $5 cover, special guest star, Mr. Willie B, on drums!! Barb will be back behind the skins in June.)
Our new live CD is ready and will be available at the show!! Thanks to the magic of Al Grunwell (engineer) at Fingerlakes Recording, www.FLREC.com, we are ready to release a volume that spans the entire history of The Witching.

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