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kids say the darnedest things:
"someday i'm going to have a project. it's going to be called 'stevie lips and the flaming wonders.' and i'm going to be stevie lips."
future career plans, after a gig in erie, 11.1.03

"i'm very happy. i'm laying over everybody and Lucy is about to lick my face."
- maco, halloween '03

guy after our set: do you guys mind if i stalk you?
- binghamton, ny 10.26.03

"Y'know, it's interesting - you start connecting the dots and everything becomes lines."
- 9.21.03

us: does this place [Erie, PA] close down late at night?
melissa: dude, this place never opened.
- after a late set at the Beer Mug, Erie, PA, 8.2.03

"In the end, crap don't mean shit."
- Profound, timeless musings

"Don't even get me started on my theories about how this fucked up universe works."
- 7.11.03

"I can't believe J. Lo's butt. I love a good, big booty."
- Ruby, 7.11.03

on our way to ladyfest ottawa, 7.4.03:
maco: Wow, i have no idea which gender that amazingly hot construction worker is.
barb: who cares? get them in this car and someone will figure out something to do with them!

"I don't understand people... and things."
- 6.11.03

"Which 490 are we taking? It's either east or west, or north or south, or something like that."
- requesting navigation to Rock-chester 4.3.03

<-------- quotes from recording! ----------->

Eva, inquiring about Barb's pedal oil: "What is that for - is that how you glue your butt to the seat?"

"The beauty of recording - you can fuck it up forever."
- Ruby 3.9.03

"Beep the cock. I mean, rock the beep."
- Eva, thinking of how to make Witching songs radio-friendly

"If you can't have the cock and you can't have the fuck, what's the point?"
- lamenting censorship

"I can hardly wait 'til we go on tour. We're gonna be a bunch of retards in a van."
- 3.9.03

Maco, to Justin (our illustrious engineer): I like your socks.
Justin: Thank you. They're little girl socks.

"I'm sorry, I can't see you - I don't have my headphones on."
-Barb 3.11.03

"Is the ass syncopated or is it on beat?"
- a serious arrangement question, 3.11.03

"Oh, that's such a good memory. I wasn't there, but..."
- Eva, 3.13.03

"My feet are cold and your butt is warm."
- 3.13.03

Eva: You guys, I am acting very confused tonight.
Barb: Oh good, she's only acting.
- 3.11.03

"I'm halfway joking. And halfway just lying."
- Eva 3.14.03


"I miss your strap-on."
-Ruby, 2.13.03

"I'm gonna open my nostrils - I don't wanna miss a whiff of that rock 'n' roll stink!"
-Mama Eva, 12.21.02

<-------- the "hates folk" section: ----------->

"There's nothing I hate more than listening to a whiny bitch on stage with an acoustic guitar."
- 2.11.03

"I'd rather eat a dead rat than listen to Joan Baez."
- 2.11.03


"How will I be able to trust you with my raccoon?!"
-Eva, 1.5.03

<-------- the "married to rock 'n' roll" section: ----------->

"Look at the humpability of that thing!"
- of Maco's new guitar, 11.6.02

"If I could have sex with a guitar, I would have sex with this one."
- ode to a new (vintage, of course) guitar, 11.6.02

"Barb, I swear all those other guitars were just flings. *This* baby is true love."
- commitment to one's newest (vintage, of course) guitar, jan.03


"I would never go for a jog instead of practice. If you see me jogging on the street, it must mean I don't have practice."
-Eva 5.31.02

"He shouldn't be trying to trick me - I got knives!"
-Maco 6.4.02

"I need some sex slaves."
-Ruby 6.11.02

"Someone is drooling at me."
-Eva 9.22.02

"I'm a person-to-person person."
-Maco 10.6.02

"I don't mind a little lickin' and humpin'."
-Ruby 4.21.02

"Sometimes people think they're being honest, but really they're just lost."
-Eva 5.31.02

"I used to study only horizontally."
-Eva 4.14.02

"I should have brought my spiked collar."
-Ruby 5.5.02

"It's the one song that's not just about sex - it's about amplifiers."
-Maco, of "Chocolate Mama" 7.1.02

"I aspire to be the dirty old man."
- 5.24.02

"You're a potato! You and James Brown would get along."
-Eva 5.31.02

"Who told you I wanted to meet you??"
-Maco, refusing to shake hands with a stranger at a party

"You've only got a 2 inch crotch on that thing."
-Ruby 5.24.02

"What lusty thoughts! The hair on my cheeks is standing!"
-Maco 6.11.02

"Distribute nicotine to Mama Eva."
-Eva 7.1.02

"Sheryl Crow - I want to take a shit on her forehead."
- 8.2.02

"You've got to hump it into submission."
-Ruby 8.2.02

"We keep laying turd after turd of solid rock."
-Maco 8.2.02

"You should have been there, man - you would have been knee jiving!"
-Eva 8.30.02

"Sex, drugs and rock and roll - I can't live without it."
-Ruby 6.28.02

upcoming shows

March 26, 2005:: @ The Chapter House, Ithaca, NY with Kievan-Rus & Lotion. (showtime 9pm, $5 cover, special guest star, Mr. Willie B, on drums!! Barb will be back behind the skins in June.)
Our new live CD is ready and will be available at the show!! Thanks to the magic of Al Grunwell (engineer) at Fingerlakes Recording, www.FLREC.com, we are ready to release a volume that spans the entire history of The Witching.

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