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who are the witching?
The Witching was born out of a pure desire to rock. They are a raw, aggressive, dynamic 5-piece band, featuring Meryl Bursic on lead guitar, Maco Rodriguez on rhythm guitar, Eva Revesz on bass, Barb Dybwad on drums, and Ruby Beil on lead vocals and fiddle. Theirs is an impressive wall of sound: a grand mix of punk, metal and indie rock flavors.

More and more women are rocking out, and doing it well. Ruby Beil and Maco Rodriguez had this in mind when they decided to form a band. So, in January 2002 Ruby and Maco started toying with songs while they searched for women who really wanted to play hard. Meanwhile, Meryl was having the same vision, and Eva was simultaneously looking to *rock*. All four women finally collided at a local Mofo's show less than 2 months later. Shortly thereafter, Barb came to practice and layed down the beat as solid as a rock...and the combustion of The Witching was complete.

The Witching has been an entity since March, 2002. These women are all quite unique in their own styles and contributions ranging from influences varying from Sonic Youth to Metallica, including a healthy dose of classic rock. Their creative and personal bond clearly manifests in their songwriting as well as in their energetic and aggresive stage performance. Bring earplugs; leave stereotypes.

The band's songs deal with such timeless artistic themes as the love of a woman for her amplifier (a classic tale), a "stolen" dildo, and lots of sex, or not enough of it.

The band hopes to inspire women and men everywhere to follow their rock and roll dreams and to question the 'women in rock' or 'chick-band' stereotypes they may be all too familiar with, as well as offering new musical venues of expression to women, who are usually associted with the 'softer' rather than 'harder' musical genres.

The Witching released their first full-length album on September 26, 2003. They look forward to a steady dose of rocking the east coast this winter and into 2004...
upcoming shows

March 26, 2005:: @ The Chapter House, Ithaca, NY with Kievan-Rus & Lotion. (showtime 9pm, $5 cover, special guest star, Mr. Willie B, on drums!! Barb will be back behind the skins in June.)
Our new live CD is ready and will be available at the show!! Thanks to the magic of Al Grunwell (engineer) at Fingerlakes Recording, www.FLREC.com, we are ready to release a volume that spans the entire history of The Witching.

past gigs...
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